AxelaCare® is now BriovaRx® Infusion Services

AxelaCare is now BriovaRx® Infusion Services Our name and look have changed, but our phone numbers, processes and exceptional patient care will remain. Questions? Contact your representative

Healthcare Professionals Frequently Asked Questions

Helping your patients feel at ease about the many aspects of Home Infusion treatment is important. We hope that providing answers to some of these questions will help.

Clinical Care Research Opportunities

Q: What areas of research is BriovaRx Infusion Services working on?

A: Our team collaborates and is interested in a broad set of clinical and research targets predominantly focused on outcomes measures, understanding dosing and therapy effects, and disease progression for patients using Immune Therapies.

Q: Does BriovaRx Infusion Services participate in research protocols?

A: Yes. We partner with investigators and sponsors as well as supporting product development and clinical research ourselves.

Q: How do I participate in BriovaRx Infusion Services research?

A: Contact our Clinical Research team, and we'd be delighted to let you know what studies we are currently enrolling and discuss areas of mutual interest.

Collecting Patient Data CareExchange®

Q: What types of data are you collecting?

A: We collect physical assessments, quality of life questionnaires and disability/activities of daily living scores.

Q: How do patients respond to having their data collected?

A: Patients have been very happy to have data collected when they understand that this is to improve their care and their physician and nurse have more up-to-date information.

Q: Can I see the data?

A: Yes. We can provide you with a login that is password protected for you to view the data (with permission from the treating physician).

Q: Who decides who gets CareExchange™?

A: The prescribing physician; this is selected as part of the patient prescription.

Q: What do we share with patients?

A: Presently all data is collected and available to the prescribing physician. They are free to share the patient's data with them as they choose. Many use this in discussions they have with patients about their condition and dose adjustments.

Q: What is CareExchange®?

A: CareExchange is a breakthrough technology, which uses an iPad to collect patient outcomes data just before and during a patient's infusion. Data is accessible through a HIPAA compliant secure server to treating physicians.

Q: Why are you collecting data?

A: Data collection is important in providing better patient care. CareExchange provides up-to-date, objective measures, to assess and adjust therapy, to better manage patients as well as to help develop industry standards.

Communicating with Patients

Q: Can your staff explain insurance benefits and choices to the patient?

A: Yes, and we make sure that patients understand all of their choices. We even provide cost of care benefits in writing to all patients before their care begins.

Q: What communications will you take care of with the patient?

A: Our team is committed to taking care of all communications regarding patients' infusions; from the welcome call, through insurance benefits, to coordinating nursing and deliveries, and providing care as well as follow-up.

Q: Will you take patient calls?

A: Yes. We have resources available in pharmacy, nursing, insurance and finance to help.

Handling Patient Referrals

Q: Do you take Medicare?

A: Yes. Contact us for details.

Q: Can you make the process more efficient for me?

A: Yes. That's what we are here for – to save you time so you don't get frustrated or have to deal with any bureaucracy. Our goal is to help you free up administrative work to focus your time on patient care and support. You can even send in all referrals; we will check each patient's insurance and if we find that we are unable to help, we'll transfer to an organization that can.

Q: What do I need to do to refer a patient to BriovaRx Infusion Services?

A: It's easy; just send in a completed referral form, or a prescription with the necessary notes. See "Make a Referral" for forms and details. Also, it's helpful to provide a copy of the front and back of the patient's insurance card.

Q: Do you help with difficult cases?

A: Yes. We work with all varieties of patients, diseases, insurances and situations. We even have a special team, we affectionately call the Special Assistance Unit, that specializes in working with complex diagnoses, insurance and clinical challenges.

Partnering to Educate Patients

Q: What ongoing education do you provide?

A: In addition to ongoing patient condition reporting, continued reinforcement is provided for fall prevention, safety and infusion care as well as disease management.

Q: What is your standard of care for teaching SCIg (Sub-Cutaneous Immune Globulin administration)?

A: Depending on the office, the first training with our infusion nurse may take place there or in the patient's home. Our nurses will attend and instruct on subsequent infusions until the patient is well versed, competent and comfortable with self-administration. If after several visits they are still facing challenges, we will contact their clinicians to discuss ways to help the patient become comfortable with SCIg.

Q: What educating do you do before the infusion?

A: We work with patients so they understand what is involved with having an infusion at home, delivery of medicines, proper storage and being prepared for their visit. In addition to sending materials, we call to make sure they are comfortable with the process and to answer any questions.

Q: What educating do you provide at the first infusion?

A: Our first visit is very comprehensive and includes all the normal patient history and condition reporting, educating on infusions, and safety and fall prevention training, as well as a complete systems review.

Providing Home Infusions

Q: What pre-meds do you use?

A: We use pre-meds such as Hydration, Acetaminophen and Diphenhydramine as well as TAS and others when prescribed.

Q: What is the quality of your infusion nurses?

A: Our infusion nurses and contracted agency nurses (where local regulations require) are selected for clinical expertise and relevant experience. In addition to our specific infusion training, they receive CareExchange™ and disease state training, and are managed and evaluated by experienced infusion nursing professionals.

Q: What level of service do you provide?

A: BriovaRx Infusion Services is a JCAHO accredited infusion provider. We strive to meet and exceed industry standards for quality and care.

Q: How do you determine initial infusion rates?

A: If an infusion rate is not specified on the prescription, we use an infusion calculator based on the specific product's package insert.

Supporting Partners in Care

Q: How can I get a Patient Care Series brochure for something not already developed?

A: Contact us; we are always looking for new topics as well as clinicians to help us develop them.

Q: What if I have an idea that could help others with patients?

A: Contact us; we are always looking for new ideas that can help patients.

Q: What type of resources do you have available?

A: The Patient Care Series are patient friendly brochures developed for nurses and physicians to provide to their patients covering a host of conditions, topics and also links to further resources. The BriovaRx Infusion Services website also has these materials and more.

Q: How do I get more Patient Care Series materials?

A: Contact your local BriovaRx Infusion Services representative, they have stock locally and can order as more is needed.