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Frequently Asked Questions

Helping patients feel at ease about the many aspects of Home Infusion treatment is important. We hope that providing answers to some of these questions will help.

Home Delivery of Medication Supplies

Q: How do I store my medication?

A: Please check the medication's label and contact us if you have any questions. Be careful! Most medications should not be stored in the freezer.

Q: When will my medications be delivered?

A: A patient care coordinator will schedule each delivery with the patient. Generally, medications are delivered to the patient's home a few days prior to the date of the infusion. In some cases, home infusion medications can be delivered on the same day when you are discharged from the hospital.

Q: What do I do with extras that are not used during the infusion?

A: This depends on whether the extras are supplies or medications. Many times, extras are kept for future infusions. Please contact us with your specific questions.

Q: What if I have questions about the contents of my medication shipment?

A: Please compare the contents of your shipment to the contents listed on your delivery ticket. If you see a discrepancy, please contact us right away so that we can ensure that you have everything that you need for your upcoming infusion.

Q: Can I request special delivery instructions?

A: We will give your special delivery instructions to our shipping partners. You do not have to be there or sign for the deliveries in most circumstances.

Q: How long is the medication good for once it arrives at my home?

A: Every box of medication has an expiration date. Your medication will be used before the medication's expiration date. You will be contacted in the event that your medication needs to be used prior to an upcoming expiration date.

Q: What if my contact information changes?

A: Please contact us right away; we want to make sure that there is no delay in your prescribed therapy.

Q: Should I be worried if my medication has been sitting outside, on my doorstep, during hot or cold weather?

A: All medications are shipped appropriately to account for extreme hot or cold weather. If you have concerns about the condition of your medication, please contact us.

Q: What happens if my shipment of medication is damaged when it arrives at my home?

A: Please contact us right away so that we can ensure that you have everything that you need for your upcoming infusion.

Q: What happens if I accidentally break a bottle of my medication?

A: Please contact us right away so that we can ensure that you have everything that you need for your upcoming infusion.

Home Infusion

Q: Why was I prescribed Home Infusion Therapy?

A: Home Infusion Therapy was prescribed by your doctor. Often times, Home Infusion Therapy is more cost effective than receiving the same therapy in a hospital setting.

Q: How does Home Infusion Therapy work?

A: The first step involves your doctor prescribing Home Infusion Therapy. From there, the AxelaCare team will walk you through the enrollment and benefits verification process. An AxelaCare pharmacist will then ship your medication to your home. In the final step, a licensed AxelaCare nurse will be scheduled to infuse your medication in the comfort of your own home.

Q: What is Home Infusion Therapy?

A: Home Infusion Therapy means that a patient receives nursing services and intravenous (through a vein, usually in the patient's arm) medications at home. Many of the medications and treatments available in the hospital setting are able to be delivered in the comfort of your own home.

Q: Can a relative do my nursing?

A: Usually not, but contact AxelaCare because many times the answer is dependent on insurance requirements.

Insurance Coverage

Q: What if my insurance changes?

A: Please contact us as soon as possible to avoid interruptions in therapy or unanticipated changes in cost.

Q: Will my insurance cover my infusion?

A: AxelaCare works with you and your insurance to ensure the best possible coverage. You will be given your options before you authorize us to provide you with therapy.

Q: What if I can't afford my infusion?

A: Please call us if you have financial concerns. You may qualify for other assistance programs.

Q: Will Medicare cover my infusion?

A: In many cases yes, please contact us for details.

Q: Can you help me understand Insurance or Medicare coverage for home infusions?

A: Yes, we have insurance and Medicare experts who can help you evaluate your coverage options.

Scheduling Home Infusion Therapy

Q: Can I have the same nurse at each infusion?

A: AxelaCare makes every effort to schedule you the same nurse at each infusion.

Q: What happens if I get sick before my scheduled infusion?

A: Please contact your doctor or AxelaCare clinical coordinator so we can assess whether your infusion can be performed as scheduled. If you are feeling sick and this is an emergency, please call 911.

Q: What if I have an unexpected schedule change or need to reschedule an infusion?

A: Please contact your AxelaCare nurse or clinical coordinator to reschedule.

Q: Can my nurse infuse my medications over the weekend?

A: Generally the answer is yes. We do our best to accommodate your schedule; however the timing of your infusion may be based on the availability of our local nursing staff.

What to Expect

Q: Where can my infusion be performed?

A: Your infusion can be performed wherever you are most comfortable, for example, your favorite chair, bed, sofa, etc.

Q: How long will the infusion take?

A: The infusion time will vary based on the therapy as well as the amount of medication prescribed. Some infusions can take an hour, and others can be as long as 6-8 hours.

Q: Why am I not scheduled for another dose?

A: Some doctors prescribe one or more doses then wait to see the patient or see test results prior to continuing therapy. Ask your doctor if you have questions related to your therapy schedule.

Q: How long before I start feeling better?

A: Some infusion therapies have immediate benefits, and some may take longer, in some cases even months. This can vary depending on your condition and the amount of medication prescribed. Contact your doctor to get a better understanding of what to expect.

Q: What happens if I have a reaction or side effect to my infusion?

A: Your AxelaCare nurse will tell you about common side effects. If you have any concerns after your infusion and your nurse is not present, please contact your nurse, clinical coordinator or doctor. For any unexpected reactions contact your doctor. If this is an emergency, please call 911.

Q: What if I have a general problem or concern?

A: Call us! We will do whatever we need to do to effectively answer your questions and address your concerns.

Q: Will I be able to move around my house during the infusion?

A: Your mobility may be limited, but a large number of regular activities are possible. Please discuss your options with your nurse.

Q: What do I need to do before my infusion?

A: It is recommended that you drink plenty of water the day before, day of and after your infusion.