AxelaCare® is now BriovaRx® Infusion Services

AxelaCare is now BriovaRx® Infusion Services Our name and look have changed, but our phone numbers, processes and exceptional patient care will remain. Questions? Contact your representative

Payers Frequently Asked Questions

Health plan sponsors are an integral part of Home Infusion treatment process.  We hope that providing answers to some of these questions will help.


Insurance Carriers / Third-Party Payers / Health Plan Sponsors Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What markets and regions does BriovaRx Infusion Services serve?

A: BriovaRx Infusion Services has pharmacy locations coast to coast and is able to serve patients in all 48 continental states through our nursing services.

Q: Does your company provide your own nurses (employees) for home infusion therapy?

A: BriovaRx Infusion Services uses both employed nurses and coordinates with pre-qualified and screened nursing agencies for situations of schedule conflict or remote patient service locations. We conduct extensive nursing training with our employees and agencies we select. This training covers key topics such as acceptable protocols, patient management expectations, and how to use CareExchange, our proprietary iPad based clinical tool.

Q: What therapy classes and treatment for patients does BriovaRx Infusion Services provide?

A: BriovaRx Infusion Services is a full-service provider of pharmacy and nursing for home infusion of chronic therapies and acute therapies such as immune globulin, hemophilia, antibiotics and total parenteral nutrition.

Q: Does CareExchange patient management cost extra?

A: The program and tools associated with CareExchange were designed and developed with the patient in mind – getting the right outcome. BriovaRx Infusion Services believes that physicians should also have the right clinical information to practice patient care. As such, we see this as an extension our of services and do not charge additional fees to patients, physicians, or managed care payers.

Q: How can a patient be placed onto the CareExchange management tool?

A: Any patient that desires to be a participant in the CareExchange patient management program should consult with their physician. Case managers and other clinical experts within a managed care organization may also make an inquiry to

Q: Who do we contact to establish a provider agreement?

A: All requests for BriovaRx Infusion Services to participate in a managed care network or program should be directed to